CGCM Podcast Episode #46 – Nashville Part 3 “Canadian Inquisition”

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In our final “Nashville Rock n Pod Expo” recap, the Canadian Geeks round out their day with a full episode of Canadian Inquisition segments. Fellow Podcasters and friends of the show take turns in the hot seat to see who will be crowned the “Honorary Hoser” in Nashville, Tennessee.

The answers to our 11 Canadian”isms” get very creative, we have tons of music and some Nashville trip stories including…

The Meister busting Wallygator’s balls about his inexperience in traveling.

The Meister almost getting arrested at Burger King

Wallygator busting the Meister’s balls for crashing early and missing a whiskey fueled trip to Coyote Ugly.

It’s a long one, full of metal and laughter and drunken babble.


VANDALLUS – Bad Disease (Album Review)

Vandallus - Bad DiseaseAlthough the initial offering from Ohio’s Vandallus arrived in 2016, the band was unknown to me. That debut release, On The High Side, delivered by High Roller Records, completely slipped me by. Perhaps even more notable is that Vandallus contain members of thrash band Midnight. From Midnight, Shaun Vanek (guitars and vocals), and Steve Dukuslow (drums) hold down Vandallus as well. Rounding out the Vandallus camp is Jason Vanek (vocals, guitar), with Tyler Harvey (Deadiron) on guitar and Tim Frederick (Wretch, Eternal Legacy, Destructor) on bass respectively. With Jason Vanek in the driver’s seat, the Ohio based Hard Rock outfit prepare to unveil the sophomore effort VANDALLUSBad Disease through Pure Steel Records on September 28, 2018.

VANDALLUS – Bad Disease (Album Review)

Admittedly, my eyes initially were drawn into this release by the front cover artwork. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love nice boobs! After a vocal countdown, “Infected” erupts from the speakers. A hard-rockin’ up-tempo ripper designed to incite soreness of the neck. Great foot tapper exhibiting the screaming vocal prowess of Jason Vanek. Things don’t slow down at all as we move into “Trash Talk’n” with its soaringly melodic vocal harmonies overlaying the riffs. Right off the first listen, I was simply loving VANDALLUSBad Disease by this point! In the third slot comes “Sundown Haze”. Holy shit what an infectious tune. A bit slower paced easing up on the neck, this track’s chorus rolled in my head for days after. Now totally sold all the way to the bank on VANDALLUSBad Disease!

“Heart Attacker” is another upbeat rocker and you can check it out in a live setting below. The less frantic pace of “Shock” flows perfectly, keeping the interest level at the ceiling while “Shake Down” has more of a rocking swagger. Each and every track is so very memorable so far, maintaining their own identity in a world where things often can sound “samey” on an album. A thundering, groovy riff opens up “Loaded”, “Vandallus” keeps it rolling exhibiting a great fist in the air concert shoutable chorus. We wrap up with the ninth and final track, “Bad Disease”. Beginning slowly, that doesn’t last too long as the record closes on another of many high points!

VANDALLUS – Bad Disease (Final Thoughts)

A simply fantastic Hard Rock album from start to finish. No overcomplicated thinking. No extreme amount of songs, just nine like in the old days. Very happy to have discovered Vandallus and Bad Disease and I will definitely be needing a copy of the debut, On The High Side, as well. Hopefully, when I’m at Frost & Fire Festival in early October, where Vandallus is set to appear, I will find both albums at the merch table.

BUY: Bad Disease



The Meister

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SATAN – Cruel Magic (Album Review)

Satan - Cruel Magic“Are you familiar with Satan? No not the ruler of the Underworld but the band. Yes, there’s a band with that, perhaps very unfortunately so, choice of name that may have helped to contain them in obscurity for much of their career.” I wrote that as my opening line when reviewing SATANAtom By Atom in 2015. I stand by it now, approximately three years later. That very Atom By Atom release saw placement securely in the midsection of my top ten albums of 2015. Now the NWOBHM band is back with SATANCruel Magic which released on September 7, 2018 courtesy of Metal Blade.

SATAN – A Brief History

I also wrote this short bio in 2015: Satan started out as far back as 1979 in Newcastle, England. As a part of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal Movement, they were considered influential for playing a form of proto-thrash/speed metal that was fairly advanced by the standards of the early 1980’s. After a couple of demo tapes, in 1983 they issued their debut, Court in the Act, an incredible album. Then the name changing began, perhaps they realized that Satan would not particularly be a commercially marketable moniker. They released Out of Reach in 1985 under the label of Blind Fury but reverted to Satan for 1987’s Suspended Sentence. A year later they were billing themselves as Pariah and issuing two more albums, 1988’s The Kindred and 1989’s Blaze of Obscurity. Then they rather disappeared until 1998’s Unity again as Pariah.

Although the band has seen its share of roster changes as well, the Court in the Act lineup consisting of Brian Ross (vocals), Graeme English (bass), Sean Taylor (drums) and Steve Ramsey and Russ Tippins (guitars) reunited in 2011 and have since issued another full-length in Life Sentence (2013) and a live recording of North American shows with Trail of Fire (2014). Satan may have spent most of their lifetime enshrouded in obscurity, but now it’s time for you sit up and take notice of the criminally under-rated and under-exposed NWOBHM force that is Satan!”

SATAN – Cruel Magic (Album Review)

Flying under the radar is a Satan specialty. And Cruel Magic is no exception as it was a surprising discovery to find it existed. After a rollicking lead-in, “Into the Mouth of Eternity” opens up proper. Loaded with hooks, tempo changes and a chugging verse designed to create neck soreness, Satan is better than ever! The raw production coupled with Ross‘ distinctive vocals provide a fabulous earthy texture to the album. The title track exhibits an epicness as it rips along. Beginning with a brief acoustic, “The Doomsday Clock” soon thunders out of the gates. Check out the official video below.

Of the remaining seven of the ten tracks on Cruel Magic, “Ghosts of Monongah” is a real standout for me. Love the opening riffs loaded with energy and power. Also super noteworthy are “Legions Hellbound” and “My Prophetic Soul”. But seriously every song is fantastic with absolutely no fillers.

SATANCruel Magic is a foot to the floor, pedal to the metal, blistering, high-speed thrashing, NWOBHM album from start to finish. While I don’t find it quite as addictive as its predecessor, that may come on a few more rotations. It is certainly a worthy follow up release in every sense of the word. I think Satan is better now than they ever were and I anticipate seeing them again at Frost & Fire Festival in Ventura California in a few short weeks. Check out the US Tour Dates and catch them in your city.

BUY: Cruel Magic

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DREAM PATROL – Phantoms of the Past (Album Review)

Dream Patrol - Phantoms Of The PastAs a kid, I remember being excited to head over to my buddy’s house and watch restricted movies. Usually, action and/or horror films were the genres of choice and the A Nightmare On Elm Street series was a popular one. Receiving the album promo for DREAM PATROLPhantoms Of The Past and reading that those films inspired their choice of moniker intrigued.


With band members from USA, Slovakia, Austria and Czech Republic, Ronnie König began the project in 2016. Bassist Ronnie König, drummer Radim Večeřa, and guitarist Filip Koluš began recording that same year. The first three songs recorded were without a vocalist and used for the auditions, netting Eli Prinsen. Steadily completing the songs, Dream Patrol signed to Mighty Music Denmark with Phantoms of the Past dropping on September 28, 2018.

DREAM PATROL – Phantoms Of The Past (Album Review)

Creepy sounds and a ringing phone greet the listener at the outset of “Dream Patrol”. Might even be a sound clip from the A Nightmare On Elm Street movies. Before long the rhythm section thumps in, the first guitar sounds overlaid shortly after. Then “Dream Patrol” opens up fully as Prinsen joins the fray. The song is a bit of a band mission statement lyrically. The press release says: “The inspiration for the band name comes from the 80s horror movie A Nightmare on Elm Street, in which a demon-like creature would attack you while you were sleeping. With Dream Patrol, you shall fear no more. It is a special office of combat against mind-invaders, working for you overtime, whenever you put on your headphones and start daydreaming”. Take a look at the official video below.

“Get Back Home” thunders through keeping the pace and energy level high. But, things get very interesting on track 3, “Tattooed Millionaire From Panama”. Listed as “A cover mash-up of Bruce Dickinson‘s “Tattooed Millionaire” and Van Halen‘s “Panama”. It is exactly that! Beginning with the iconic lead in of “Panama” we quickly switch gears for the first vocal verse to “Tattooed Millionaire”. Throughout, “Panama” returns at several points. Pretty cool idea and it comes off well here I think.

“The Shortest Straw” possesses a wicked vocal hook. It’s the kind of song that sticks in your head, re-surfacing here and there throughout the day. Probably my top choice on of the collection. Other notables among the twelve song package are “Piece of Paradise”, and “Playing with Fire”. I can do without the slower, ballady, country-ish affairs “Lost Child”, “Time is a Healer” and “Is That the Thanks I Get”, however.

DREAM PATROL – Final Thoughts

Overall, I really enjoyed this album. It’s got several fantastic things about it. Aside from the top-notch music on each thundering track. I love the vocals and the lyrics, although not normally much of a lyric guy. The A Nightmare On Elm Street inspirations. Watch the “Dream Patrol” lyric video below and if you like that be sure to buy Phantoms Of The Past. You won’t regret it. Out September 28, 2018, from Mighty Music Records.

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HITTEN – Twist of Fate (Album Review)

Hitten - Twist of FateViva Espanola! I’m not familiar with the work of Spanish metallers Hitten prior to Twist of Fate. I understand they issued a couple of EPs and two full-length albums, (First Strike with the Devil and State of Shock). The latter long-player, the fruit of their partnership with High Roller Records. Not bad for a band who only began life in 2011, I say. The sophomore album saw a marked improvement on the band’s rather naïve debut effort, altogether a more rounded effort. “Me and the boys are pretty satisfied with how State Of Shock was received,” explains guitarist Dani Meseguer. “The album reached a lot of shops, labels, magazines, and webzines all over the world. It also took us on a really good tour around Europe, we played cool festivals and appeared in Japan for the very first time. We are really happy with how High Roller Records works overall.” 

Riding high on that success didn’t last long, soon suffering the blow of losing their vocalist. In a twist of fate, Alexx Panza quickly filled the void. Says Meseguer: Alexx is a gift from heaven, he was there for us at the perfect time.” We find the remainder of Hitten consisting of Satan (bass), John Sinx (drums), and Johnny (guitar).

HITTEN – Twist of Fate (Album Review)

A thunderously mounting lead-in greets at the outset of HITTENTwist of Fate. Then like a shot from a starter’s pistol the gates fly open and the horses are off at a full gallop! A traditional metal race to the finish line. That’s the start of Hitten‘s Twist of Fate opening selection “Take it All”. There’s also enough melody and sing along abilities to please the most discerning of Hard Rock fans. These qualities flow throughout the release which became available on September 14, 2018.

Tracks such as “Final Warning”, “Flight to Freedom”, and “On the Run” really stand out. Check out the official “On the Run” video below to sample the sounds of Hitten. Of the ten compositions, there’s only one that I can do without and that’s “Svccvbvs”. First of all, it’s one of those little more than a minute long waste of time intro things placed at the halfway point. Second of all it oddly breaks the rolling thunder, fist-pumping atmosphere of HITTENTwist of Fate. But I never have the time of day for this style of track, so I might be biased.

All in all an excellent effort that has me seeking out their earlier outputs. Who knows, this one may even be in the “Top albums of the year race” for me.




The Meister

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The Farm Rocks/CGCM Contest!

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Be sure to enter the exclusive CGCM listener contest discussed early in the show!! The prize is a 12 week spot in the Farm Rocks – Adult Music Program Fall Tour, a 12 week rock n roll experience that is second to none!! (Valued at approx $1000). If you are an amateur musician in the Toronto area, this is a very cool prize and all proceeds from the ticket sales will go directly to Music Heals Canada. tickets are $5.00 each simply paypal to (No limit, $20 gets you 4 chances to win, $100 gets you 25 chances!) Makes an awesome gift for that special musician in your life.

Contest Ends the weekend of Sept 29/30 and the fall tour starts Oct 3rd! Rhythm & Brews Brewing Company The Farm Rehearsal Studios #cgcmpod

CGCM Podcast Episode #45 – Nashville Part 2 – “Can You Feel The THUNDER?”

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The rumbling of thunder can be heard from Nashville. Or is that just the Meister’s LPB? No it’s definitely THUNDER and it can be heard on this episode of the CGCM Podcast. Episode #45 is part 2 of the Canadian Geeks going wild in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Canadian Inquisition rolls on as contestants attempt to dethrone the current leader, Mr. AAron Camaro! Lots of trash talk and laughs continue as Beavertails, Loonies and Gitch continue to baffle our American friends.

Also included in this episode? Interviews with Gary Corbett (Kiss, Cinderella), Thom Hazaert (EMP Label Group) and Ron Keel (Keel, Steeler, Iron Horse, RKB). It’s another 2 hours of Rock n Pod mayhem.

A HUGE thanks to Ron Keel for bringing the “Thunder” and providing us with our new CGCM outro!!

CGCM Podcast Episode 44 – Canadians Gone Wild In Nashville! Nashville Rock n Pod Expo Part #1.

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On a hot August weekend, the Canadian Geeks head to the Nashville Rock n Pod Expo for a full weekend of alcoholic mayhem. The Meister, Wallygator and Buzzsaw Barley got into plenty of mischief. what you are about to experience is the first of three episodes capturing the sights, the sounds and the smells of their adventures. Hundreds of beers and a bottle of “Schmendlemans” Canadian Whiskey were harmed during the duration of this crazy weekend. Near arrests, random naps, a trip to Coyote Ugly, 3am Waffle House trips and more laughter than should be legally allowed.

Part One is busting at the seams with interviews from Tora Tora, Jacob Cade and legendary record producer Toby Wright. Also included is the “Canadian Inquisition” as the Geeks test the Canuck knowledge of guests, fellow podcasters and anyone who wanted to sit in the hot seat! Bonus Canadian Inquisition Guests feature friend and fan Andy Lafon and MC Hammered, Mr. Aaron Camaro. Of course we spin some killer music and it’s 2 hours of the Canadians Gone Wild In Nashville.





U.D.O. – Steelfactory (Album Review)

Udo Dirkschneider has been delivering quality heavy metal for over 40 years. Beginning his career with Speed Metal forefathers, Accept he fronted the band for seven classic releases. In 1987 Dirkschneider departed Accept beginning a successful solo career and has issued an immense catalog of music under the U.D.O. banner. Returning briefly in the 90’s for a three-album stint, he again broke out under the U.D.O. banner. Tiring of the Accept material, he embarked on a Farewell to Accept tour in 2016. Deeming that this would be the final times playing the material before closing the chapter, the unmitigated success saw the tour spread worldwide. And the success overwhelmingly continued, spawning a second leg, Back To The Roots II. Now that Udo has completed his Accept material tours it’s time for a new album, U.D.O.Steelfactory out August 31, 2018, on AFM Records.

U.D.O. – Steelfactory (Album Review)

The short-statured German Metal Master serves up 13 blistering assaults, all above the four-minute mark on Steelfactory. Odd since many reports show 15 songs, but my advance promo has some song differences. As with many U.D.O. albums, the name Steelfactory evokes images of smashing power and molten metal. The lineup has seen some changes with guitarist Kasperi Heikkinen stepping down in place of Bill Hudson for Back to the Roots II Tour. It was later announced that Hudson had moved on, so I’m not sure if he played on Steelfactory or not. For sure involved are Fitty Weinhold (bass), Andrey Smirnov (guitar) and Sven Dirkschneider (drums).

Steelfactory vaults out of the gates with “Tongue Reaper”. Anyone know what that is? The song itself is loaded with blistering riffs, pounding rhythms and Udo‘s signature gravel-raked vocal delivery. Next up is “Make the Move”, a great track reminiscent of Accept‘s “Living for Tonite” perhaps. Check it out below. Things pound along, subtle differences surfacing from track to track, showcasing some influences. So far, three advance singles have been issued. You can listen to all below including the official video for “One Heart One Soul” filmed in Russia I believe.

It’s the eighth spot where things seem to differ track-wise. My copy delivers “Hungry and Angry” where others show “The Devil Is An Angel”. I, in fact, do not have this song in my promo. Also absent for me is “Pictures In My Dreams”.

U.D.O. – Steelfactory (Final Words)

This is what I’ve waited for. Well more prolific with U.D.O. than his Accept years, there is a lot of high-quality metal in the 15 album discography. I’m happy that Dirkschneider has returned to U.D.O. and this 16th Steelfactory release under that moniker. Overall, consistency is a strong part of what U.D.O. does, but still manages to keep it fresh and once again the hard working German has outdone himself here. Thirteen blistering songs from one of Metal’s biggest legends and unmistakable voices. Now I just hope to hear some U.D.O. deep cuts during his sets aboard Monsters of Rock Cruise in February 2019!




The Meister

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CGCM Podcast Episode #43 – BBB Round 2 “1985” – Brian Vollmer Vs. Daryl Gray – The Battle of Helix!!

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The final match-up of the second round of the B.B.B. Playlist Tournament starts now! Also known as the battle of Helix as vocalist Brian Vollmer goes toe to toe against his bandmate, bassist Daryl Gray. the year up for grabs? 1985!

As always the episode will feature 2 separate playlists, “A” and “B”. You, the listener do not know who submitted which list. You simply vote for the playlist you like better, not knowing which is Brian’s and which is Daryl’s. Your votes determine who advances to the quarter finals!

Get a cold beer and open your ears real wide! 1985 provided us with some awesome tunes and some interesting choices are found within. Listen and VOTE!!