CGCM Podcast Episode 23 – Around the World in 80 Episodes – BRAZIL

Episode 23 (1)The Canadian Geeks set sail for South America. With a BIG cooler full of Rhythm & Brews beer Wallygator and the Meister cruise on down to Brazil for the 4th installment of Around the World in 80 Episodes. Upon arrival they proceed to consume some beer (obviously) and each of them take turns uncovering some very cool Brazilian hard rock and heavy metal.

Wallygator plays tour guide to teach the Meister some facts about the fascinating country of Brazil and of course they start the show with their D.I.T.D. tracks…

Wallygator’s D.I.T.D Track – “Young Blood” by Suzi Kory

The Meister’s D.I.T.D. Track – “Lovelorn” by Michael Morrow & The Culprits

The boys soon found discovered that Brazil is a hotbed of great bands and there was an over abundance of music to choose from. Don’t be surprised if they swing back for a part two sometime down the road.

Uncovered on the show…

Viper – Living For The Night

Dr. Sin – Emotional Catastrophe

Hazy Hamlet – Symphony Of Steel

Fire Strike – Reach For Your Life

Tribuzy – Beast In The Light

Almah – Pleased To Meet You

Tales From The Porn – Back To The 80’s

Desert Dance – Louder Faster & Sleaze

Pleasure Maker – Is There A Doctor In The House

Rebel Machine – Don’t Tell Me I’m Wrong

Dirty Glory – Sticks & Stones

Motorocker – Rock Na Veia

As always, if you are digging the music heard here go check out the bands and BUY THEIR MUSIC! Support the bands that entertain your ears!!


CGCM Podcast – Episode 22 – Kiss My Ass 2017!


HAPPY NEW BEER! Welcome to 2018, it seems the Canadian Geeks and their livers have successfully made it to January. The plan was to release this on New Years Day but one or more of the hosts (Wallygator!!!) was lost in hangover hell. So in true CGCM fashion we missed the first day of 2018, in the words of Greg Frazer “should be Canadian drunks!”.

So with that said, we welcome you to “KISS MY ASS 2017”, our massive End Of Year retrospective episode. Most podcasts come up with their year end top 10’s but in true CGCM style the Geeks have come up their TOP 12. (as in a dozen beers)

To keep the episode in under 7 hours, the boys agree to only play through their top 6 picks but discuss their individual top 12’s. It’s our longest episode yet but they leave no stone unturned as they proudly reveal some of the greatest rock and metal released in the year 2017! Who made the Number One picks of the year? Sure we could tell you here, but that would ruin the suspense and besides music is meant to be experienced! So grab a frosty beverage, turn it up and lend us your ears.

Feel free to post your own top 12’s of 2017 and maybe we can discover something we missed.

Wallygator’s D.I.D.T. – Heavens Fire – Children Of The Storm

Post Show Notes Edit – After the release of this episode, we were contacted by Heaven’s Fire founder, key songwriter and guitar player J.T. Harris. He informs us that this is not “his” version of Heavens Fire but THE REAL version of Heavens Fire… “This is the real Heavens Fire. The last album “Judgement Day” and the new album “Playing With Fire” both had me: -write all the music – produce and arrange all music – perform all guitars, bass, keys and piano, – design the artwork concepts – full recordings and masters were paid by me – both recorded at my place and Phase One – both mixed by Michael Jack – both mastered by Harry Hess Both have a very consistent style and sound in the writing and production. – J.T.

Meister’s D.I.D.T. – Prowess – No Survivors



CGCM Podcast Episode 21 – Go Home Santa, You’re Drunk!


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Welcome to the first ever CGCM Christmas Holiday Special. The Canadian Geeks dove early and deep into the Rhythm & Brews Christmas cheer so all bets were off by the time the record button was hit.

On this episode you will learn why the Meister hates Christmas, hear Wallygator go over the edge and most importantly who in the world is Gerry Mentlemen? The Meister talks about wearing a thong, the boys discuss Christmas movies, the Meister slips in a Rap song (sorry about that!).

Hear the Meister proclaim that if the Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup this year 2017/18, he will run naked in the streets. A story about the Dee Snider Rock n Roll Christmas Tale. Yet another Star Wars discussion that dissolves into the Meister pointing out that it must have been cold on the movie set based on Princess Leia’s nipples.

Worst of all Wallygator agrees to sing a naughty song at Karaoke for a cash fee! All in all it’s a Holiday train wreck pretty much from the word go. We apologize for tarnishing the most wonderful time of the year, but then again it is the CGwbCM Podcast. Did you really expect anything different?

Hear the following festive fare; 220 Volt (Heavy Christmas), Winger (Silent Night), American Dog (Merry Christmas Asshole), Dio (God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen), Run DMC (Christmas In Hollis), Rob Halford (We Three Kings), GWAR (Stripper Christmas, Summer Holiday), Helix (All I Want For Christmas Is The Leafs To Win The Cup!), AC/DC (Mistress For Christmas), Twisted Sister (Oh Come All Ye Faithful), Spinal Tap (Christmas With The Devil), Brighton Rock (White Christmas).

Wallygator’s D.I.T.D. Track – Burn It Down – Aviator Shades

The Meister’s D.I.T.D. Track –  Vice City – Last Alibi


CGCM Ep 20 – The CGCM’s Top 12 Greatest Debut Albums Of All Time – Part 2!

Episode 20

Quite possibly the most anticipated episode of the Canadian Geeks “with beers” Chatting Metal Podcast! The boys are back after not one, but two botched recordings to finally reveal their top 6 greatest debut albums of all time. What albums will be crowned number one? You will find out in a little over 2 hours.

As always, the boys consume massive amounts of frosty cold beverages and ramble on and on and on as this episode clocks in at over 2 hours. Conversations include the Meister’s views on online dating, buzzsaw codpieces, why Kick Axe maybe ignoring Ontario, Girlguide cookies?, Megadeth Beer, CGCM Hologram concept, D10, Ronnie Dio & the Prophets and how Star Wars changed the rules in movie theaters.


Wallygator’s D.I.D.T. –  The Train Song – Rex Brown

The Meister’s D.I.D.T. –  Lone Hunter – Lady Beast

Diemonds, Coney Hatch, Headstones, W.A.S.P., Brother Cane, Kick Axe, Little Caesar, Dio, Tora Tora, Guns & Roses, The Four Horseman, L.A. Guns



CGCM Ep 19 – The CGCM’s Top 12 Greatest Debut Albums Of All Time – Part 1.


On this week’s episode the Canadian Geeks discuss the greatest debut albums of all time! To clarify, Wallygator and the Meister run down their own personal top 12 debut albums of all time. How were these albums chosen for such a distinction you ask? Commercial success? Critical acclaim? Public voting? Not a chance! The boys drank a bunch of beer and compiled their top 12’s directly from the heart.

There’s the thing art is subjective, the only criteria for the CGCM Top 12 Debut Albums was it had to be a full length album (8 songs or more) and it had to stir the soul or tickle the nether regions of the hosts. So please join us for a new plate of CGCM silliness for part one of this utter nonsense.

As always they get things rocking with the D.I.T.D. (Dick In The Dirt Track).

Wallygator’s D.I.T.D. Track – Light In The Dark – Revolution Saints

The Meiser’s D.I.T.D. Track – Born Trucker – Trucker Diablo

CGCM Podcast – Episode 18 “The Return of Annie” – Battle of the Playlists 1979

Copy of the return of Annie (1)

The Canadian Geeks return for another “Battle of the Playlists” episode. This time they welcome back Annie who provided the inspiration for Episode 2 – “What Defines Heavy Metal”. Annie, CGCM’s “Number One Fan” has challenged Wallygator into an epic Playlist Battle for the year 1979!

The Geeks pack up their recording gear and head out of town to set up the ring for a no holds  barred “Family Edition of the Battle of the Playlists”. Drippy, I mean the Meister will once again act as out impartial referee as Annie and Wallygator throwdown with their own custom 6-Pack of songs.

Learn why the Meister gets called Drippy, learn the challenges Annie had preparing her 1979 playlist. Listen as the Canadian Geeks get serenaded, some in-depth music discussion about “heavy metal”, Sid and Nancy, Blondie, Fart Metal and most importantly some insight on what Meatloaf may have been talking about with “I Would Do Anything For Love” but he won’t do what?!?!

Wallygator’s – Dick In The Dirt Track – “False Flag Operation” – Electric Guitars

The Meister’s – Dick In The Dirt Track – “Loud Stuff” –  The Dirty Denims

CGCM Podcast – Episode 17 – L.A. Guns “The Missing Peace” Track by Track

Episdoe 17

For those that consider themselves fans of L.A.Guns, Friday the 13th has been a very anticipated circle on the calendar. The release date for the Lewis/Guns reunion album “The Missing Peace” has generated quite the buzz in the hard rock/heavy metal community. So much so that the Canadian Geeks has decided to release their first ever “track by track” review of this highly anticipated release.

Ok, maybe it was Wallygator who was the practically wetting himself awaiting this record, but it was the Meister who suggested the concept for this episode.

Also included in this episode is a new segment to be heard on all upcoming shows. The “Dick in the Dirt Track” will highlight one track from each host that is quite simply knocking their dick in the dirt. Hence the name!

Wally’s Dick in the Dirt Track – Cloud Headed Woman by Aron Scott Earthquake

The Meister’s Dick in the Dirt Track – Lifeline by Wraith