CGCM Episode 31 – B.B.B. Michael Ross vs. Sean Williamson “1970”


The wait is over, the time is now! Welcome to Buzzsaw’s Battle of the Bands Playlist Tournament. The biggest event in Canadian Rock Podcast history! Sixteen Canadian Rock n Roll icons will participate in a round robin, single elimination tournament with music as the weapon of choice.

The pairings for the tournament were drawn randomly live on Facebook Wednesday March 14th (CGCM Live March 14). Immediately after the field was set, each battle pairing received a year (1969 – 1993) also chosen randomly. The participants each prepared and submitted a three song playlist from their chosen year.

During this episode we will play both 3 Song playlists in their entirety. We take both playlists and flip a coin to see which playlist is played first (playlist A) and which playlist is played last (playlist B). You have no idea which playlist belongs to who. You will place your vote based totally on which playlist you enjoyed the most.

Round 1, Battle 3


Michael Ross (Gypsy Rose)


Sean Williamson (Varga)


After listening to both playlists, join us on our CGCM Facebook Page and vote for the playlist you loved the best. Remember you are voting for the playlist, you have no idea which playlist belongs to who. One vote per person on our facebook poll found in the comment section of the episode post. Voting will close for this battle Monday April 23th at 5:00pm.

To vote for your favourite playlist click HERE


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